Do you like make-up but don’t know how to use it? Don’t know how to apply the make-up products you own? Need help to choose the best foundation for your skin type? Do you have doubts about whitch eyeshadow colours will look better on your eyes? Do you have an event and need someone to do your make-up?
Experience the Make-Up services by Styling Epiphany and be dazzled with yourself.

Make-Up Epiphany

This service is for those who are seeking to learn how to do make-up on their own and to learn how to make a better use of their make-up products. A product organization and an explanation of their better use will be done.

A workshop is made where you'll learn how to improve your best features. On this workshop you'll have the chance of, under a professional make-up artist supervision, learn how to:

  • Perform a correct skin cleansing.
  • Apply foundation and concealer.
  • Apply eye and lip make-up.
This service takes place at the client's house.

*A personal shopping service can be acquired to help with the purchase of new make-up products. ( 40€/h )

40€ ( 1h30 )

Event Make-Up

Have your make-up done by Styling Epiphany for a special event.


Bridal Make-Up

On this special day feel that extra attention.

This Styling Epiphany service includes:

  • Bridal make-up try-out until 3 weeks before the wedding day
  • Lisbon area commute
  • Wedding day make-up

*Bridal make-up try-out can be acquired separately ( 50€/2h ) or its value is included on full service.