Today I’ll share with you my experience in London, where I “lived” for two weeks ūüôā¬†

This adventure began when in June I did a Make-Up course at Blossom Image¬†Consulting. This course made me realize that I wanted to learn more about it. I started searching for professional Make-Up courses and then I had the idea of doing it in London because it’s one of my¬†favorite cities and I¬†always wanted to live there. This way I would tackle two ambitions at once. ¬†The AOFM course was the one that interested me the most because of its contents and duration, since I would have to do it on my vacation and I only had two weeks off.

I tried to apply for the November course, but it was already full. I had to wait for my 2017 vacation dates to be released and to be lucky that they were at the same time as the course.

In October when I had the dates I checked out the course dates and they were the same, yeah! I called AOFM right away and applied (I might have been the first hehe).

I applied for The Combined Certificate in Professional Make-Up that was 12 days long. The course was amazing and very complete, comprehending all Make-Up areas such as:

  • Hygiene
  • Corrective and Camouflage Techniques
  • Contouring e Highlighting
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Natural Beauty Make-Up
  • Bridal Make-Up
  • Smokey Eye
  • Catwalk
  • Period Make-Up
  • Mature Skin Make-Up
  • Male Corrective Make-Up
  • Ethnic Make-Up
  • Glitter
  • Body painting
  • Avant-Garde
  • Etc…

The schedule was from 10h00 to 18h00 and we had a one hour break for lunch. In the morning we had theory and in the afternoon we practiced. Half of that time I would practice on my colleague and the other half she would practice on me. Everyday we changed partners in order to get more experience and everyday we had a different teacher lecturing about his art.

We were 18 students and I was the only Portuguese. I had colleagues from England, Wales, Austria, Romania, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Panama, Dubai, Peru, Russia and Italy, with whom I loved spending all these days with and with whom I learned so much.

Once I had the confirmation that I had a place on March course I rented a flat in Soho, 3min walking from school, through Airbnb. Soho it’s full of life and it was great to be able to live there for a short time. I walked everywhere. There are so many restaurants and almost all of them have vegetarian options. There are also plenty of vegetarian restaurants, I recommend Vegan Hippo where I went many times, it was right next to my house, their ¬†lasagna is delicious. You can find supermarkets all over the place, my favorite was Whole Foods Market, where I bought Portuguese blueberries.

This course was something that I really wanted to do specially because it’s a great extension to Image Consulting and I would have another service to offer my clients.

Bellow you can see pictures from the photoshoot where I was in a team with a professional Photographer and a professional Stylist. I had to create a natural beauty Make-Up look and an editorial one.

I’m so happy to add Make-Up services to my Image Consulting ones on Styling Epiphany.